“With splitboarding, now we can be just as fast as a skier to go up, so we can have the first tracks! I think a lot of people are just now discovering splitboarding and it will change their lives, as it has changed mine.” 


Hometown: Grenoble, France
Currently resides: La Grave, France
Current sponsors: MAMMUT, GRIVEL, Good Boards, Northwave, La Grave Resort
Bindings: Surge Pro

Aurelien Routens grew up in Grenoble, France, where he starting skiing at a young age. He switched to snowboarding not long after and he hasn’t looked back. About 10 years ago, Aurelien moved to La Grave and the lure of seemingly endless steep freeriding. The move, he says, changed his life in ways he could never imagine. “I discovered another way to ride,” he said, “more natural, more authentic, more ‘high mountain’ riding. I could not leave anymore!” Today, Aurelien spends most of his time traveling the world filming his splitboarding web series, Carpe Diem.

Q & A

All my splitboard adventures are so different, every day is a new adventure.  Each trip is unique with different snow conditions and terrain, changing weather conditions, maybe some wild animals or tracks of them. Plus, you are out sharing the day with different people. I’m not sure of my most epic trip, there have been many. I think every trip is epic, it’s what you make of each splitboard adventure that is important.

I'm pretty excited to go splitboarding all over the world for my web series, Carpe Diem. I'm also looking forward to pow riding and maybe catching some good waves.

When you are on top of a mountain there is no influence. I think everyone has their own style and capacity when riding. We all work to ride the best we can every run!

Life, my friends, powder, surfing, and the power of the mountains.

I trust the gear. The bindings simple and efficient which is important in the mountains.