Spark Top-Mount Crossbar Clips


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Top-Mount Crossbar Clips feature the same design as our Spark Crossbar Clips, but with the necessary Top-Mount parts and hardware for boards that have inserts at the clip mounting points.

For splitboarders who want the tightest possible connection or for boards with seam straightness issues, the Crossbar Clip is built for the job. Our creative design features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other. Clamping tension is finetuned by turning a set-screw. Made from aluminum and brass with only two moving parts, the Crossbar Clip closes any gap in the seam and keeps your board tight. The crossbar and lever rotate out of the way. As a bonus feature, they can be entirely set up with the M3 hex bit on your Spark tool.

Includes: 2 x Levers, 2 x Crossbars, 2 x Shear Bushings, screws for both fine thread and coarse inserts, as well as extra screws for use with thinner boards.

Weight: 3.24oz/pr (92g)

* Patented

Compatible with two piece splitboards that have inserts at the clip mounting points (you will not see any screw heads on the base of your board). This includes select models from Jones, Nitro, Rome, Weston, Amplid, Capita, and others.

Not compatible with splitboards that are drilled through at the clip mounting points (you can see screw heads on the base of your board).

Not compatible with three or four piece splitboards.